Third Way’s argument that requiring the wealthiest to fairly

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Canada Goose sale Oakland is working hard to retain offensive guard Mo Collins. As canada goose gilet black friday predicted in this space canada goose outlet chicago two weeks ago, the Tampa Bay Bucs have made center Jeff Christy a contract ultimatum. Take a one year deal worth $1 million or be released. Sent. By. The. Third Way’s argument that requiring the wealthiest to fairly pay into Social Security will exhaust their ability to pay increased taxes seems absurd coming from an outfit that has proposed cutting the Social Security benefits of those with total annual incomes of $12,000 or less. It is reminiscent of the line in a 2013 Washington Post editorial attacking then Senator Tom Harkin and Representative Linda Sanchez for introducing legislation to expand Social Security. Though the Post editorial board never mentions the impact of the Social Security cuts it supports on those of modest means, it apparently felt the need to remind us that “the rich have finite resources.” Canada Goose sale.

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